From outside to inside. As a child, Jerry Olivarez stood on Rodeo Drive, wondering who drove the fancy cars passing by.

Years later, he was sitting next to one of those people in the Lamborghini when he realized he had become one of the people he used to wonder about.

Armed with a firmly held belief that he could accomplish anything he set his mind to. Jerry Olivarez rose from being a small town florist to being one of the most successful and admired celebrity publicists.  The life and business lessons Jerry learned as a young man, and the people he met along the way, put him in the presence of celebrities.

As you read the stories of working with such personalities as Oprah Winfrey, Kid Rock, Cuba Gooding Jr., even the famed Stan Lee, note the insights Jerry offers with each telling.  Whether you are a professional seeking to realize your dreams, or a celebrity aficionado who enjoys stories about stars, these pages will inspire you to live your dreams.


In the time I’ve known Jerry he reminds me more and more of a bulldog.  Once he gets a project between his teeth he just doesn’t let up—which is an admirable quality for a celebrity publicist.   Given a task, he lets nothing stand in the way of his accomplishing it.  Hey, he even got me to write this paragraph!  Good work, Jerry.  Keep it up."

- Stan Lee